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Where do we find the prophets?

Although many Christians would typically agree we find the major and minor prophets in the Bible, there may be other prophetic people publishing in the last 100 years, for example. Some prophets in the modern age hold prophetic office, others are seers, some are God-listeners, and some just do what the spirit is leading them to do and say. It is true that not every prophet is a poet, but every poet may be a prophet.

Consider that poetry is a formal art form, and to some a lost art. Whenever you read poetry, consider whether the poet is prophetic, or even deeply meaningful or encouraging to you. A prophetic word meets that one person where they are at, and speaks encouragement to them. The idea that there are people publishing today that have made a lifetime commitment of developing their skill in a lost art, tells us they are willing to go the extra mile to convey to a reading audience their inner vision.

Literature is a form of illumination. It challenges us to forgo ignorance for an educated response to pain and suffering. No school would teach a language without studying literature as part of our understanding of our culture. It is a teacher of symbolism and metaphor, of hidden meanings, and overt ones. It is a more formal source of communication than just a momentary word at church. Not only that, a published form of encouragement is something we can take with us, that is set in stone. It is encouraging to me that many prophetic people are publishing today, either in book or on blogs. They are not afraid to put their prophetic words in print for the next generation.

The prophets in the Bible used very poetic, metaphorical, and colourful imagery to capture our attention. We trust them because they were chosen by God to be included in the Bible. Many other religions have major prophets as well, who are also published. Consider the Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith), or the Quran (Muhammad). 

Although God has warned the church away from false doctrine and false prophets, we need the true prophetic. Generation X is a generation of people who need the prophetic, spiritual nourishment, and an active church to a hurting world. Otherwise they may trust their best friends to speak into their lives more than the church on the block. They may not understand how Jesus speaks to meet their deepest need in the new millennium without prophets being raised up who can discern the word of the Lord, know his timing to speak, and speak with the compassion of Christ. 

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