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The Nature of Perfection

I have been writing more these days about how perfection is not something we should strive to attain. It is our imperfections that make up our beauty as the body of Christ, and how we love Jesus in spite of what has gone wrong in our lives, or the bad things that have happened to us. Oswald Chambers addresses this issue in 'The Nature of Degeneration', saying: " The nature of sin is not immorality and wrongdoing, but the nature of self-realization which leads us to say,"I am my own god," This nature may exhibit itself in proper morality or in improper immorality, but it always has a common basis--my claim to my right to myself. When our Lord faced people, He paid no attention to the moral degradation of one nor any attention to the moral attainment of the other. He looked at something we do not see, namely, the nature of man."

I love how Antoine de Saint-Exupery puts it, in his book Citadelle, stating that perfection is next to death, and that only in death are we truly perfect. It was Christ who died, and contained perfection for us. When we accept his gift, he lives a perfect life in us, and this leads to our transformation into the person he wants us to be. The book Citadelle is also called The Wisdom of the Sands in English, and is the story of a young man in the desert who matures into a wise ruler of a great empire; the keynote of his rule is to love and care for his people. It was first published in 1948.

Where do we find the prophets?

Although many Christians would typically agree we find the major and minor prophets in the Bible, there may be other prophetic people publishing in the last 100 years, for example. Some prophets in the modern age hold prophetic office, others are seers, some are God-listeners, and some just do what the spirit is leading them to do and say. It is true that not every prophet is a poet, but every poet may be a prophet.

Consider that poetry is a formal art form, and to some a lost art. Whenever you read poetry, consider whether the poet is prophetic, or even deeply meaningful or encouraging to you. A prophetic word meets that one person where they are at, and speaks encouragement to them. The idea that there are people publishing today that have made a lifetime commitment of developing their skill in a lost art, tells us they are willing to go the extra mile to convey to a reading audience their inner vision.

Literature is a form of illumination. It challenges us to forgo ignorance for an educated response to pain and suffering. No school would teach a language without studying literature as part of our understanding of our culture. It is a teacher of symbolism and metaphor, of hidden meanings, and overt ones. It is a more formal source of communication than just a momentary word at church. Not only that, a published form of encouragement is something we can take with us, that is set in stone. It is encouraging to me that many prophetic people are publishing today, either in book or on blogs. They are not afraid to put their prophetic words in print for the next generation.

The prophets in the Bible used very poetic, metaphorical, and colourful imagery to capture our attention. We trust them because they were chosen by God to be included in the Bible. Many other religions have major prophets as well, who are also published. Consider the Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith), or the Quran (Muhammad). 

Although God has warned the church away from false doctrine and false prophets, we need the true prophetic. Generation X is a generation of people who need the prophetic, spiritual nourishment, and an active church to a hurting world. Otherwise they may trust their best friends to speak into their lives more than the church on the block. They may not understand how Jesus speaks to meet their deepest need in the new millennium without prophets being raised up who can discern the word of the Lord, know his timing to speak, and speak with the compassion of Christ. 

The Strength of prayer

Learning to pray in a practical way strengthens our spirit. Prayer is a spiritual exercise that will equip us for a work ahead. We don't always know in advance what God has planned for us to do, but spiritual exercise will prepare us. The strength of prayer is that it requires us to quiet the distractions of the day, our schedules, and a hectic world. It enables us to commune with God. That presence will give us presence of mind so we don't lose our cool in difficult situations, brush people off, or forget the important things that matter to God. At some point in the future we will be called to use the skills and gifts we have been working on. 

Lifting spiritual weight may require lifting spiritual burdens to the Lord. Who are the servants of God on our minds and hearts?  Lift them up. Don't let the work and ministry God has called you and others to do become a burden. Lets lift those spiritual weights to God. Know if something or some burden is too heavy for you, just as you would at the gym. 

Developing spiritual endurance requires daily and weekly training. Taking the time to daily go to God for fresh inspiration is the basis for a quiet time that will recharge you. Attending a church that has a prophetic message as well as an evangelical one will teach your spirit to hear from God, as well as your head to understand scripture. We need these both to be in balance to do outreach to the poor and other nations. 

Spiritual endurance

Run the race... be a spiritual person that endures to the end. Many are now wondering if the end times are upon us, or if we are near to the end. Now, more than ever, we are called to train for our spiritual destiny like an athlete would train and compete for the gold medal. We must see, even when there is darkness on earth, and have prophetic vision like never before. 

To be in spiritual shape we must exercise our prophetic giftings, and take in spiritual food, containing nutrients. God want to feed us from his word, and from prophetic, spiritual food. But first we must lay down the things of earth, even physical nourishment, to be nourished by heaven. Visualize your prophetic food... is it like eating at a fine restaurant. What do you wish to order? See the food coming to your table, and the King of Kings invites you to the spiritual table of a kingdom where no one goes hungry.

The nutrients God's food has to offer prevent us from developing spiritual disease. In spite of what people may think about physical disease, the disease that afflicts everyone to different degrees is sin. When we don't take in enough spiritual nutrients, we are more vulnerable to sin and temptation. Think this over today as you visualize the spiritual food of the prophetic gospel.

Emily Isaacson

Prophetic in the tradition of the masters

What is a prophetic ministry like today? Part of what God has called prophetic people to do is to function under the anointing and spirit of the greatest two prophets in the book of Revelation, the golden oil prophets. Prophetic etiquette recommends that we not only acknowledge these two individuals as at the top of the prophetic end time hierarchy, but be obedient to them, and the work God has given them to do.

God selects us for his work based on our humility and dignity, our obedience, not our greatness. We must be diligent to love over being religious, to transcend the worldly boundaries of what is required of us, for heaven's requirement, to seek to understand why God is telling us to love people the world deems unlovable.

The two greatest prophets on earth have not been selected because of their worldly riches, normal families, education level, or degrees in theology. They have been selected because of God's surpassing power, and his perfect will. The work he has given them to do is both humbling and menial, he has called them because he knows they would say yes. These two prophets are described as Justice and Liberty in the books of poetry by Emily Isaacson, called The Fleur-de-lis. You can read about these two prophets for yourself, and the influence they are having on earth, when you buy the books.



How to develop your prophetic endurance?

See what the next task is the Lord has in store for you, and follow through.

Build Yourself Up

But you, most beloved, build yourselves up
in your most holy faith. – Jude 20 (NIV)

Warm up with worship
hands raised, spirit stretching
to the Almighty.
Increase the rhythm of the heart
with the jumping-jacks of praise.
Hop onto the treadmill of the Word
read it, study it
meditate on it, memorize it.
Then it’s down on the floor
for push-ups of confession
abdominal crunches of petition
and, firmly grasping others’ weighty burdens,
bench presses of intercession, set after set.
Up on your feet again for step-ups of listening
then cool down walking in place, silent.
End with a song of thanksgiving
that pours from a well-toned heart.
Now go out to meet the day
your spirit radiating contentment and joy
flexible and strong from its workout
with faith, hope and love.

--Violet Nesdoly

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