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Prophetic Endurance

About Prophetic Vision Worldwide

Prophetic Vision Worldwide is an interdenominational ministry to inform the prophetic realm with dignity, courage and obedience. No matter what religion or denomination you are, you can enter into the prophetic by looking for signs and symbols that God is with you and that you are in the center of his will.

Wait for a message that is prophetic, wait for God to answer you . . .

There are some powerful symbols and rituals that we engage in to let God know we are waiting for him and desire to communicate with his Divine presence.   

Prophetic Vision Worldwide is directed by Emily Isaacson, internationally renowned poet and prophet. Emily lights the evening incense every night of sandalwood. She has been known to pour the olive oil into a wine glass and drink it. She stood in the street all night long in sackcloth for seven years. These are the moments of sacred communion.

Find out what a prophetic moment is around Emily: read her blog, buy her books, overhear her prayers for unity and restoration. She is the author of over fifteen books, available globally in bookstores and online bookstores. 

Emily is a remarkably unreligious person. She believes that loving people is the bottom line. However God tells you to love, it will probably challenge you to step into grace and out of law. Just as Jesus did when he walked on earth, what are the ways today in which God challenges your grace paradigm by asking you to love?

Believe that God wants to use other people to speak to you today. 

What are the people around you saying to you? God just might have sent them to speak to you.


Back To The Cross

Prophetic Moments

Waiting for Jesus.

Listening to the Holy Spirit.

Urged to act by power not our own.

Worshipful Postures

Hold your hands out.

Keep your candle lit.  

Worship every day.

Pray for others. 




Quiet Time With Sea