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Prophetic Endurance

Prayers For Israel



You have lost your first love

You have grown cold

You have soiled your garments

All your deeds are old and worn


Church of God awaken

Hear my mercy's song

That I will be your one true love

That I will be your only song


Awaken, awaken to the call to worship

Awaken, awaken to the call to war.


Emily Isaacson


Lamentations 2


Once again, I will pour out my heart like water

In the watches of the night, I will cry to you

Day and night, my tears flow like a river

And I lift up my hands to you Lord.


For you are just

You are faithful

You are love

You are merciful

You have seen every sorrow

We will pour out our hearts to you Lord


Young and old we have loved the gods you despised

Now in the dust our children lie destroyed

Beauty ravished, our wound is like the ocean

But we lift up our hands to you Lord


Emily Isaacson

Prophetic Moments

Waiting for Jesus.

Listening to the Holy Spirit.

Urged to act by power not our own.

Worshipful Postures

Hold your hands out.

Keep your candle lit.  

Worship every day.

Pray for others. 




Quiet Time With Sea