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The Nature of Perfection

I have been writing more these days about how perfection is not something we should strive to attain. It is our imperfections that make up our beauty as the body of Christ, and how we love Jesus in spite of what has gone wrong in our lives, or the bad things that have happened to us. Oswald Cham…

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Where do we find the prophets?

Although many Christians would typically agree we find the major and minor prophets in the Bible, there may be other prophetic people publishing in the last 100 years, for example. Some prophets in the modern age hold prophetic office, others are seers, some are God-listeners, and some just do wha…

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The Strength of prayer

Learning to pray in a practical way strengthens our spirit. Prayer is a spiritual exercise that will equip us for a work ahead. We don't always know in advance what God has planned for us to do, but spiritual exercise will prepare us. The strength of prayer is that it requires us to quiet the di…

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Spiritual endurance

Run the race... be a spiritual person that endures to the end. Many are now wondering if the end times are upon us, or if we are near to the end. Now, more than ever, we are called to train for our spiritual destiny like an athlete would train and compete for the gold medal. We must see, even wh…

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Prophetic in the tradition of the masters

What is a prophetic ministry like today? Part of what God has called prophetic people to do is to function under the anointing and spirit of the greatest two prophets in the book of Revelation, the golden oil prophets. Prophetic etiquette recommends that we not only acknowledge these two individuals…

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