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Prophetic Endurance

The Spirit of the Antichrist

Prophetic word given 11/14/02. (By Emily Isaacson)

The Beast had a loud mouth, boastful and blasphemous. It could do anything it wanted for forty-two months. It yelled blasphemies against God, blasphemed his name, blasphemed his church, especially those already dwelling with God in heaven. Revelation 13:4

Every God-begotten person conquers the world’s ways. The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith.  I John  5:3  (The Message)

This is a message regarding the spirit of the Antichrist. The spirit of the Antichrist is already in the world. We contend with it on a day-to-day basis. When we don’t see our opponent we are in danger of being marred in the battle.  The battle is there--the danger is real, therefore we must ask God of the armies to advance with us, clarifying our vision so we fight our true enemy. The things of this world will not prevail against this enemy, only the love of God and relinquishment of our control for God’s sovereign power.  This is new, and exciting, but also ancient and tested.

There is a message from heaven today, and the message is this: battle is not a “manly” thing, it is a godly thing. It will require more than just brute force, aggression and good aim. In fact, these will work to your detriment. This is not a case of, the guy who hits hardest wins. Discretion, tact, yieldedness, and skill all play into strategy. The man without my strategy has already lost: he has lost himself. A man with no ruler is a lost man, and this is key. You see, the spirit of the Antichrist is lawlessness, the unwillingness to be ruled.

Those in authority: please consider the danger of wanting to rule to avoid being ruled. I am your Lord. The Spirit of David is what makes man a leader, and  note his heart: humble, contrite, broken--yes, it is the broken who will lead my people out of the camp of the enemy, for they will not fear the breaking, they will not surrender under duress, they have nothing to lose. 

There are two forces at work in the realms:  The force of love, and that which opposes it (desire, if you will).  Lawlessness and desire play hand in hand. He who will not be ruled desires to have everything, and as such, I must make my opponent.  I contend with him who would contend with my Rule of Love. It is just, for even my wrath is a force of love, the strongest force of love. The oceans surge under this force, the heavens shift, the earth quakes, and volcanoes spit their fire under the awesome force of the wrath of love. That is also my jealousy--and this force, this wrath condemns man and his desire to control, to suppress for power. My wrath does not oppress, it sets free, it defeats with covering not exposure, it renovates and clears the air, it rebuilds. The land is burned, but not left desolate, for after a fire, it is remineralized, deepened, etched by tribulation, strengthened by waiting.

You who wait: hope in the Lord! He has not forgotten you. He has heard your cries with great pity and understanding. He is Lord of the Armies of Heaven, and he will save you.  There are those of you who already have the marks of tribulation etched in your foreheads. You are mine. I knew this from the beginning. No one can take you out of my hand. These marks have distressed you. But they are the marks that distinguish you. You are marked by faithfulness: the faithfulness of your own blood. It is on my Son’s head that such things can and have occurred. He is your covering, your garment, as a shield against the enemy’s threats and boasts that these are your shame.

Take dignity, my people. Dignity is a mark of those who wait with covering. What you have not seen, you will see; what you have not understood, you will understand. The mark of those who fear the Lord is the exact opposite of those who follow the Beast.  One is of betrothal, the other is of adultery: the numbers marked on their heads represent the formulas of man. Yes, these have seemed distant from evil up until this point, but they will all be used and consumed by the evil one in order to do his work in these last days. Yes, even medicine, science, education, entertainment, marketing, business, economics, studies of everything, discoveries of all humanistic qualities will crash at the feet of the Beast and be used as his playground. Nothing will be exempt. If you attempt to flee you will find yourselves ensnared. Stand your ground. This is your greatest tactic. Stand and emanate that awesome force of love as a shield to your own heart. Do not try to get enmeshed, do not try to get involved, just love with me as your living source in tranquility. It is essential to understand that acceptance of my sovereignty, and the desire to stop evil of ourselves are two separate things. One is relinquishment, and requires having a will yielded only to me--the other exacts control and hate. Yes, evil is our opponent, and we often wish not to have an opponent, but the reality is that it is there, and cannot be fought until it is accepted as such with courage and bravery. Stop trying to win evil over to your side by coercion and fight.  Look it in the eye instead of hating it.  Aim from your gut with great confidence. Take it down without ignorance.

Do not forget that this evil is not people, although they be possessed by it and the mind of it.  They are deeply rooted in their sin and logic, and it cannot transcend to understand the ways and insight of God without great help on my part. If they come to you, you will know their hearts are yielded; if they ask of you, you must give them water-- no matter how demonic they seem. A man’s demons are not his soul.  How many tormented friends I have, dear ones, waiting in great dignity for the removal of their pains. They endure, and often you make their tribulation greater by your insensitivity. Do not level force at them, for force has driven them to this point, but gentleness and compassion--a light touch. Do not yield to the evil which afflicts them; in order not to yield you must be rooted in love. Root yourselves, therefore. Root yourselves by practicing the strength of compassion, not by excusing them but by covering them. Hate and lust are the desire to expose; love covers. It gives dignity to suffering instead of adding shame. The love is what allows the light you have not to cruelly expose but to acknowledge, and wash, and cover. This requires wisdom on your part.  Up until now many of you have not been able to look at gross sin and injustice without hating out of fear. That was all you had to deal with the enormity of it.  So in order not to hate, you looked the other way. But now I give you something new: it transcends your natural inclinations, born out of humanity, it transcends the wisdom of man which would like to categorize, analyze and fix, and it seats itself in the heavenlies with me. Here it is: the force of love comes up from underneath, and empowers. Like a spring out of dry ground, it nourishes. The force of hate comes down from up above and subdues. It silences and demands conformity. Many of you have mistaken the force of hate for my love. Empowerment is a deep thing. Seek to understand:

Empowerment cleanses a man from the inside out, not from the outside in. I Am the living water. I do my work at the essential core of man, and I am successful at renewing the works of my hands. You are just the observers, humbled by your own daily need of the same process, inviting them alongside as a humanity that exists with you instead of one that can get you dirty. 

Keep in mind, please, I am not you and you are not me; I ask that you be unified with others in me so that you can receive from me in wholeness and grace, humbled by the parts of the body that perhaps you would rather not be seen with--covering them as to prevent immodesty, instead of shaming and exposing them for their vulnerability. Now you are treating them as of lesser Christians than you are. You cannot move forward without them, they are essential to you: recognize their strengths and do not shun them.

You are one. I created you to be. This is where you are most free, in oneness. This is where you are most alive in me and dead to yourselves. This prevents you from being uprooted at the slightest storm, this anchors you in opposition. Father Law and Mother Grace are needed to parent these children, born out of submission to me.  Protect and secure them, nourish and comfort them, correcting them with a sense of humor, and having a grace that looks dishonesty in the eye and knows that the truth spoken in meekness empowers not condemns.

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