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Prophetic Endurance

People of the Way

"I will turn all my mountains into roads, and my highways will be raised up." Isaiah 49:11 (NIV)

"And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way." Isaiah 35:8 (NIV)

In the last days we find that someone builds a highway. I like to think of this highway as the Fleur-de-lis. When I first published the book in three volumes, it had a lengthy introduction that was like a road map. We had to consider that when reading a book, you needed a map to navigate. If Canada was a spiritual kingdom, and I build a highway, I would need to put appropriate signs on the road. As such, we might needed a Minister of Transportation. When we have prophetic signs on a real highway, we can be encouraged that we are on the way to Heaven.

It was John the Baptist who came before Jesus to prepare the way. We were to be People of the Way. Yet the highway he built was in men's hearts. He established that baptism was an essential part of Jesus's call from the prophets. There needs to be an immersion. Because the world is a dirty place, it almost wold not be surprising if people were even being baptized in somewhat dirty water. It is an act we do not relish, yet we submit to it out of obedience to Christ. When the world insists we have to be clean on the outside, we look to Jesus to be clean on the inside. 


When we are in the world it becomes more and more essential that we need to be set apart for Christ. The world has its agendas, and its regulations, and its conventions. But when do we break with convention, and is it even a rational decision, or is it a call to set ourselves apart? When the world dictated one way, traditionally we have looked to church leaders to lead us, and provide direction. But now we are told we cannot hold public meetings. Even not attending church without being immunized is a sanction we can anticipate. How do we respond. Will anyone lead a church in the light of these strict stipulations? The flock is almost scattered now. 


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