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Prophetic Endurance

Who Do We Consult With?

This is a time when people seem to question who is right and wrong in the prophetic. Could we be led astray? Who is good and who is bad? This very question is what the word "discernment" refers to. Once it was a happening idea in your church to find out who was the most discerning and ask their advice. Their visionary gifts, and ability to see issues clearly made them sought out by their family and friends for their good judgment on who were the sheep among the flock, and who were the wolves. It helped us to see in advance to have discerning Christians so we did not get into spiritual danger.

Now everyone is practicing divination, and the local scouts who were our discerners are scorned, and their character questioned if they come up with something other than the common good, and the modern medical model. But divination, like the snake it is named for, it tightens around us daily. This snake is somewhat more venemous than just a python, it is more like a King Cobra: it bites, and with paralyzing consequences. If you have felt the snake of the pandemic tightening around us daily for the last year-and-a-half, you have felt the daily tightening, the daily increase in pressure to conform to the restrictions of Covid. The need to now have an immunization passport to re-enter society has too many commonalities to the modern world described in the Book of Revelation. But it is a world descended into chaos, madness if you will, and it is governed by the medical profession with an iron hand, the same rod of iron mentioned in Revelation 12. Would it take more courage than we have to say: Jesus could so allow me to suffer. Because this is what it boils down to; many don't believe that in the modern age Jesus would allow them to suffer for the gospel. Why would a good Jesus make me feel pain; I have lived a comfortable live until now. The modern Christian believes they get the best of both worlds. But the other consequence if we don't go the way of life seems even more severe.

Getting an immunization with a number attached is the only move by the medical profession, so far, that a follower of Christ might object to if not anything else. The reason is, the vaccine is connected to a number, and you cannot refuse the number once you have the vaccine. Think carefully in these days; just taking the vaccine begins a spiral toward gaining human freedom, or the freedom of man, but a distinct loss of spiritual freedom, and the favour of God.

The bottom line is that as People of the Way, we have to be willing to say, in contrast to the culture:" I have no intention of re-entering society." This was we are not saying we get special privileges, are rebellious, angry, or misled. We are not entitled. We do so know the cost. When God called us, he called us to the cross and to death, and in light of his ultimate sacrifice, this is a small cost to pay. 


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