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Prophetic Endurance

There's One Anonymous

These are difficult days we live in. God doesn't take lightly our unhappiness, our pain, and even unbearable suffering at events we cannot control. Something interesting came to light this week. I thought you my prophets could read it, wrestle with it, and see what the Lord shows you. There is an anonymous prophetic person writing in great deal under one of my domains. He has a website that you will go to if you misspell one of my blog domains. This is usually a technique used by false websites to pick up customers from a real company. The phisher is usually replicating the real company, and may even use their logos, and name to get your money. Here, in this instance, a prophetic person may be "coming against" the phishers by doing something similar. Read the word relayed here and determine how relevant it is to my ministry or yours. 

There is no name, no credentials, no request for funds, no contact info. All is a dead end. Why did they choose to communicate this way, and where do they derive their authority from? What do they want so badly to be heard?

Here is the website in its normal form.   If you read their interpretation of the Book of Revelation, I see some things are re-interpretations of Church History's take on this book. They might be traditional perspectives. In reality, the events of Revelation are unfolding all around us. The discomforting new reality we feel during a pandemic with a death rate the size of WWII is a New World Order than controls our every behaviour. This is not romantic. Our hands are sanitized at the entrance to every place of business. Is this another "Heil Hitler!?" Someone once called out to me in the street a few years ago, "Have you heard of the New World Order?" I had no response.

The overwhelming aspect of the tribulation is that everything in the Book of Revelation may be happening at the same time. I am noticing that it is not chronological. Everything I do may as well be part of a worldwide play, a drama that is being played out with some actors playing more than one character. People are even being killed off, and coming back to life by switching to a different character. How could such a portrayal of the divided hearts of men be so exemplified than by current day multiplicity caused by the level of trauma in the world? 

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