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The Strength of prayer

Learning to pray in a practical way strengthens our spirit. Prayer is a spiritual exercise that will equip us for a work ahead. We don't always know in advance what God has planned for us to do, but spiritual exercise will prepare us. The strength of prayer is that it requires us to quiet the distractions of the day, our schedules, and a hectic world. It enables us to commune with God. That presence will give us presence of mind so we don't lose our cool in difficult situations, brush people off, or forget the important things that matter to God. At some point in the future we will be called to use the skills and gifts we have been working on. 

Lifting spiritual weight may require lifting spiritual burdens to the Lord. Who are the servants of God on our minds and hearts?  Lift them up. Don't let the work and ministry God has called you and others to do become a burden. Lets lift those spiritual weights to God. Know if something or some burden is too heavy for you, just as you would at the gym. 

Developing spiritual endurance requires daily and weekly training. Taking the time to daily go to God for fresh inspiration is the basis for a quiet time that will recharge you. Attending a church that has a prophetic message as well as an evangelical one will teach your spirit to hear from God, as well as your head to understand scripture. We need these both to be in balance to do outreach to the poor and other nations. 

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