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Prophetic Endurance

The New Family

This is an Easter weekend many extended families will never forget. 

There are many new regulations in place for "the Canadian family".

No family gatherings of more than 5 people.

No coming withing 2 meters of each other.

No driving in the same car unless you live at the same address.

No dating, engaged or otherwise, you can't come within 2 meters of each other or drive in the same car.

No entering each other's houses if you are elderly, vulnerable or immune-compromised.

This is re-shaping the family unit. Men and women can't hold weddings or publicly get married. Men and women are now stay-at-home parents. Soldiers on the front lines go to work and risk their lives. Family members may die suddenly, and we cannot even attend their funerals.

It is amazing how we manage to find a way to celebrate Easter this weekend in spite of restrictions. In spite of the imminent feeling of rejection and isolation.

Empty churches. Pastors talking to empty sanctuaries. Solitary mass.

There is so much meaning in Easter that virtual services are gaining momentum. It is the act, the communion taken in our place that consecrates us now.

He came to earth in spite of restrictions. There were many. The Roman Empire had the First Century Israel in its grip. The Jewish Teachers of the Law were equally strict and imposing. Would you be willing to die to defy them? Would you contradict them publicly?

He defied all logic and became one of the great teachers of his day. He healed the sick, in spite of restrictions. He used his own spit and wiped mud on a man's eye. The blind were healing. You see, he wasn't afraid that he would contaminate the poor or sick, or diseased. He wasn't afraid of germs, bacteria or any microbial substance. I know this because he never once mentioned them. He knew he was a Healer, and that the anointing on him was one to heal.

Sometimes we have to encounter the Gospel in a new way for it to have meaning in our lives. How can we love in spite of restrictions? Jesus Christ wants to show us new and exciting ways to creatively live and love in times of pandemic. How to love without fear of punishment. Suddenly the idea of love takes on new meaning; even how we should manage our resources, how much we can help others. 

Let's ask him today. . .  for our spiritual family's sake.

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