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Spiritual endurance

Run the race... be a spiritual person that endures to the end. Many are now wondering if the end times are upon us, or if we are near to the end. Now, more than ever, we are called to train for our spiritual destiny like an athlete would train and compete for the gold medal. We must see, even when there is darkness on earth, and have prophetic vision like never before. 

To be in spiritual shape we must exercise our prophetic giftings, and take in spiritual food, containing nutrients. God want to feed us from his word, and from prophetic, spiritual food. But first we must lay down the things of earth, even physical nourishment, to be nourished by heaven. Visualize your prophetic food... is it like eating at a fine restaurant. What do you wish to order? See the food coming to your table, and the King of Kings invites you to the spiritual table of a kingdom where no one goes hungry.

The nutrients God's food has to offer prevent us from developing spiritual disease. In spite of what people may think about physical disease, the disease that afflicts everyone to different degrees is sin. When we don't take in enough spiritual nutrients, we are more vulnerable to sin and temptation. Think this over today as you visualize the spiritual food of the prophetic gospel.

Emily Isaacson

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