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Prophetic Endurance

Prophetic in the tradition of the masters

What is a prophetic ministry like today? Part of what God has called prophetic people to do is to function under the anointing and spirit of the greatest two prophets in the book of Revelation, the golden oil prophets. Prophetic etiquette recommends that we not only acknowledge these two individuals as at the top of the prophetic end time hierarchy, but be obedient to them, and the work God has given them to do.

God selects us for his work based on our humility and dignity, our obedience, not our greatness. We must be diligent to love over being religious, to transcend the worldly boundaries of what is required of us, for heaven's requirement, to seek to understand why God is telling us to love people the world deems unlovable.

The two greatest prophets on earth have not been selected because of their worldly riches, normal families, education level, or degrees in theology. They have been selected because of God's surpassing power, and his perfect will. The work he has given them to do is both humbling and menial, he has called them because he knows they would say yes. These two prophets are described as Justice and Liberty in the books of poetry by Emily Isaacson, called The Fleur-de-lis. You can read about these two prophets for yourself, and the influence they are having on earth, by buying the book IGNATIA.


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Prophetic Moments

Waiting for Jesus.

Listening to the Holy Spirit.

Urged to act by power not our own.

Worshipful Postures

Hold your hands out.

Keep your candle lit.  

Worship every day.

Pray for others. 




Quiet Time With Sea