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Prophetic Endurance


There is a new term being used to describe a certain state of being. Not really a new term it is an old term to most evangelical Bible-believing Christians. The term " to manifest" has been used for decades by the church to describe someone's behaviour when possessed by an evil spirit. What we expected twenty years ago was that someone who is manifesting has disturbing or anti-social behaviour and that it was an undesirable state. Well-meaning pastors might have attacked the issue by doing inner healing to improve people's spiritual lives by casting them out, and experiencing strange symptoms at times. The only problem with this is it tied in to the medieval practice of exorcism to respond to people with mental illness. They were in the Middle Ages, considered by the church to have the symptoms they did as a form of possession. If the priest could not cast it out, they were removed from society: put outside the city or put in asylums. (This information was particularly relevant in my 6 months (full-time) of social work program, where I learned the history of mental illness.) How sad, we would think today; that is not a compassionate approach. Not that we have modern day psychiatry, we understand a biochemical model for disease. People's diseases are thought by modern medicine to be caused by biochemical causes, not demons. People are treated with medication an ideally go on to live productive lives in spite of their diagnosis.

The modern pep-talker Mel Robbins is putting out numerous YouTube videos to discuss this term "manifesting". This she has"re-defined" in depth, stating that it is a higher state of being where we make our minds fertile ground for the enemy and accomplish what we want to in life (using the power of the indwelling demon, which we control). A very successful woman who was once a lawyer, elaborates this effective mind altering technique to accomplish not just dreams in life. In fact, the dreamers are the loosers.

What is a dreamer? Were not dreamers commended in the Bible, particularly those who dreamed prophetically? Joseph was thrown in a pit by his brothers, who faked his death, for his dreams. His father gave him a beautiful multi-coloured coat, which made them jealous because he was favoured. His dreams involved sheaves of grain bowing down to him, but he was taken to Egypt as a slave and eventually became once of the most powerful men and rulers in Egypt. The point of favour comes to mind. There is nothing that would make a successful woman and the high-level highly paid executives of our day more frustrated in life, than simply put, "God has favoured someone else." We have to acknowledge the idea that God favours those he chooses, and we can't necessarily work our way into his good books. The other idea is of the things we dream and want, taken modestly to the Lord, invite prayer. Prayer here, in a modern day pep talk is made no mention of. In fact it is completely an attitude of "God; I don't need you."

Christians are marked by prayer. When something comes to mind, it is considered from God: a seed that grows in our hearts. It is watered by the Lord. It is brought to fruition by his husbandry. Dreaming so to speak, is taken to the Lord. We live to be at the center of his will and don't want things or higher states of being, such as a home-owner, without his permission. This relates to God as not only provision, but a loving Father who wants the best for us.

On Mel Robbin's video, she literally conditions her mind to get where she wants to go. She is totally oblivious that her 'very scientific method', that she says even Olympians use to compete, is making a human person the perfect dwelling ground for a powerful demon: to give them more power in life. It is just not good enough to be poor, modest, and meek. We want things in life, and what is holding you back? You, she would assert. With dozens of popular pep-talk videos online, she is becoming something of a global panacea for the minimalist poverty ensuing from the economic depression of the pandemic. People are looking for ways to get ahead, and if it scientifically involves consorting with demons, well they are too innocent. The demon may even be named she contains while she is talking, to the discerning, and she brazenly ignores the practice and simplicity of a sweet relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many are coming out these days on YouTube: there are videos from empaths, intuitives, and Mel Robbins, advising us to use their method and become a successful person. Are these false prophets? They claim a higher level of spiritual success and knowledge. They can easily become sensations overnight. And we might even watch their videos and believe their lies. But the word manifestation is an old one, and its meaning is already clear. YouTube has become a forum for everyone to share their physical, emotional or spiritual teachings. We must only engage in watching any of them with guarded heart, and not at all if you are weaker spiritually and easily convinced or drawn in.

We give God the glory for our successes, and know he gave us what we have in the first place. otherwise we would complain when times are tough. We would let the stress of life overwhelm us, if we did not acknowledge that God is in control. Watching this video made me respect and admire the champions of the faith, who spend time with their dreams on their knees, and acknowledge the Creator of dreams. May our concession that as a prophetic people we need to rival the likes of Mel Robbins, find us an hour a day on our knees, as men and women of prayer.    

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