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Prophetic Endurance

Improving Society

There are many ideas about how to improve society, but most of them involve an agenda by authority figures, or organizations. The question is who does not react to someone else's agenda for their life? The easy way to tell if something originated from the evil one or Satan is it has an agenda. A true follower of Christ does not have an agenda to change or improve people. We do not try to clean everyone so they are perfect, sanitized and never dirty. In fact, real Christians get their hands dirty all the time.

It is time to get down there with the dirt of society and not stage a clean-up. It is time to reject the notion of an agenda from higher authority figures. When we are a Christ-follower, we can say no to the world's agendas. I am standing out in the street for 6 hours each night and have been for ten years. I wear old second hand clothes that frequently get ripped and torn from the repetitive nature of delivering newspapers. But it's the job God called me to do. Most would not accept such a lowly task, and if you are one of the ones who would not, then I stand here in your place.

Menial work does not appeal to people; we do chores only to get them out of the way, clean up the house, and improve our living conditions. Who would guess you could do chores for a living, to make enough quarters to survive on. There are a lot of other more respectable jobs. The media is gritty and has its secular and darker aspects.

I might be accused, I might stand condemned if I called anything I do prophetic when the gospel does not come first. I have called the "news" a symbolic 'good news in three translations', and my customers, "those who support my ministry". I minister unto them, often stopping to pray for people I haven't met and don't know.

I meet street people, and homeless people--and when they are crying out, stop and help them with just a word of care, or a water bottle and a brochure. We have a website, we have a toll-free hotline, we are somewhat organized, but not too proper, when it comes down to it. The person in front of me is all that matters. 

Every night I meet someone, and I am moved to compassion. God just says, "That's the one!" I stop, I turn the car around, and I get out to give a word of hope to someone hurting. That is the way it goes. I may never see them again, but they heard something memorable from me.

She was sitting on the side of the road in the dark with long blonde hair, smoking a cigarette. "I saw you sitting here. Here's something for you," I said. "Thank you--thank you." she said as I pulled away. Even though I was running late, I remember that this is the reason I'm here. It can't really be about newspapers.

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