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Prophetic Endurance

By His Wounds We Are Healed

When we experience sickness, suffering, or pain, we must consider what agreements we have made upon entering the realm of earth. If we consider that we will all be given a wound at some point in our lives, and that how we deal with that wound will reveal our true character, we must stop for a minute.

Consider, we will all be given a wound.

We must all learn how to live life with that wound.

We must learn to dress and bathe and bandage our wound.

Because there is sin in the world, everyone has a wound. 


Some people can hardly stand it. They are crying out in agony. We might think they should see a doctor, or physiotherapist, or psychiatrist, but all of the latter will only tell you its your responsibility to bathe and clean your deepest wound daily.

When we were born and entered this earth, we found out, much to our dismay that Adam (the first man) had made an agreement with the serpent (Satan) that we would all be wounded. The only thing that could save us is if the Son of God himself came to earth and was wounded with the mortal wound of sin in our place. This he did. And he did that for you and me. Now when I feel the pain of my wound, I can enter into his suffering. That is the agreement we must make. We will each take care of our own wound; and we will recognize that everyone on the planet has a wound.

The second agreement we make is when we tell other people what our wound is. Some of us would rather not say. We are not feeling healed, it is too raw. When we are able to enter into our wound through the blood of Jesus, our wound becomes our testimony. When we share our testimony others are encouraged that their wound can too be seen through the lens of Christ.  This is why sharing your testimony or inviting other to share when they are ready is so powerful. Some people are in denial and don't know they have a wound, until you tell them you do too.

The third agreement we make is to accept salvation. This means Christ's wound and death takes our place, and trumps the pain and humiliation of our wound. We don't know at what point we will be offered a better life in Jesus in our lifetime, but when someone stretches out a helping hand, in humility we accept. From that day on our life is different. No one know exactly what you have been saved from, what fate would have befallen you. Only you know that exact moment when Christ chose to adopt you and give you all the benefits of being a Child of God.

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