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So more on the subject of deep things we have hidden in the ground coming to fruition. Clams on a beach, so to speak. My next book has some science fiction in it, and the ideas are more theory than fact. I have applied to the Masters Program in Neuroscience at King`s College in London, partly because this is the field I am most interested in, and partly to see if my theories are confirmed in my lifetime by further research. I am currently doing a year of study in Social Services at a community college. My theory has to do with where brain waves emanate from, and how it corresponds with the endocrine glands. I am proposing that each endocrine gland corresponds to a different brainwave, more than currently exist.

It was a Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow (marketed as Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow on home media, or simply Live Die Repeat) is a 2014 American science fiction action film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Doug Liman directed the film based on a screenplay adapted from the 2004 Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The film takes place in a future where most of Europe is invaded by an alien race. Major William Cage (Cruise), a public relations officer with no combat experience, is forced by his superiors to join a landing operation against the aliens, only to find himself experiencing a time loop as he tries to find a way to defeat the invaders (source: Wikipedia). Here is a clip about on the way to Omega, which they are chasing down {click here}.

In this movie the plot is: "Cage reawakens and locates Vrataski, who takes him to Dr. Carter (Noah Taylor), an expert in Mimic biology. He explains that the Mimics are a superorganism in which the "Omega" controls the cerebrum, while the "Alphas" behave as the ganglia through which the Omega controls ordinary Mimics; If an Alpha is terminated, the Omega resets the day and adjusts its tactics until the battle is won. Cage inadvertently "hijacked" their ability to reset time through his exposure to an Alpha's blood."

The "Omega" made me think this idea of brain waves is appearing in other major mediums in society. I adopted this as the name of a brainwave that fuels the parathyroid gland. In my book, it is also called the Nightingale Mind, because it is a creative impulse that makes our mind fly like a bird. But to back up...

There are only so many endocrine glands in the human body, so I have matched them up with what I believe is the corresponding Greek letter, and impulse.

The letters of the Greek Alphabet are:

Alpha--corresponds to the adrenal glands brainwave (dominating)

Beta--corresponds to the thyroid gland brainwave (nurturing)

Gamma--corresponds to the pituitary gland brainwave (social)

Delta--corresponds to the gonadal glands brainwave (reproductive)

Epsilon . . . corresponds to the hypothalamus brainwave (administrative)

Zeta . . .or Omega--corresponds to the parathyroid gland brainwave (creative)

Eta--corresponds to the the pancreas endocrine gland brainwave (emergent)

Theta--corresponds to the thymus gland (cleanliness)

Iota--corresponds to institutions 

Usually in my practice I treat deficiencies in the function of various endocrine glands with glandulars, animal glands that are dehydrated from the same source. The Image Literary Journal this year is offering an inaugural L'Engle seminar on Poetry, Science and the Imagination. This is going to be an interesting conversation of poet and those who incorporate science and art together into their work.To join: click here.

This correlation between glands and brainwaves is the science fiction basis for the novel prat of my next book which deals with the creative impulse in artists, and why it is so often misunderstood. People sometimes request a motive for art. In reality artists must create art, because that is their dominant gland. It is their snake on a pole in the desert. It reflects a transformation of emotions into art, as catharsis, instead turning emotions into bodily functions, as is the case in the thyroid dominant individual. Sometimes people misunderstand what drives artists to create and where they get their ideas and new material from. It is not driven by reproductive intelligence.

We celebrate art, though. We celebrate artists and the unique stories and histories that drive them to create something reflecting a truth about their life. 

For centuries people have used something called ulterior dialogue to communicate. It is particularly relevant in spoken art forms, but in the field of poetry, it is considered an essential. Robert Frost taught during his life that someone is not a real poet unless they can communicate on two levels. The poet is at once saying the obvious out loud in print, but the more veiled meaning is communicated also. People can gain meaning, they get your drift . . . if you use a metaphor, a story to make a point, or an image they can relate to. You don't have to be direct to communicate, in fact it is seen as a sign of wisdom to veil your meaning. I have said before that the meaning in poetry is veiled, so as not to offend the audience. All art forms have the potential for communicating a message, but what they interpret may vary from person to person.

I am a health practitioner, and I have found with my clients with mental illness, they may perceive a meaning when people talk that they were not aware they were communicating. Some people with mental illness are actually using ulterior dialogue to read your intentions and true meaning. They may even react to what you are saying.This is interpreted by the brain, I have found, based on what pH your body is. If you eat an alkaline diet, of mostly fruits and vegetables (even starchy vegetables like squash, yams, peas, lentils) this may not apply to you, but if you eat the typical North American fare, your body may be somewhat acidic. The more acidic your body is (and you can measure this by seeing how close your saliva and urine first thing in the morning are to pH 7) the more likely you are to interpret ulterior dialogue in a negative or derogatory way.

Taking baking soda every morning is what I recommend to all my clients with mental illness, otherwise they may misperceive the messages in society and from others around them. I have seen people also read very pornographic or explicit or phallic meanings in what other people are saying, just because they are too acidic from their dietary habits. That is a good indicator that something is wrong. The body is literally having to pull calcium out of their bones to balance their blood pH at this point, and they are going into calcium deficit. Think carefully about how you eat. If you balance your protein (acidic) with vegetables (alkaline), and carbohydrates or sugar (acidic) with vegetables or fruit (alkaline), they will not have such an acidic effect on the brain. The brain, remember is the most sensitive organ of the body. It reacts first to nutritional issues, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You can tell by how people's brain functions how healthy they are. So let's turn some attention to our diets, to boost our brains.  

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