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Prophetic Endurance

Chief Cornerstone



Jesus was the stone that the builders rejected. He was ideal for the building, but they would not take him for the role he was to play in the foundation of Judaism. As such, he is the chief cornerstone of a new church. This church was crucified in the flesh. This is now a resurrected church: the church of his body. We accept his crucifixion over ours. We accept his resurrection over ours, because we are fallen.

Now if I said Jesus was Chief Cornerstone, you might think he was a chief of the First Nations people. Yet if Jesus had not died on their behalf he could not be given that honour. He is the cornerstone of his church, the church of every nation.

The reason God chose Israel as his chosen nation is that when she was nurtured correctly would give him an invitation. There is the theology that God was an invasion to us, or a husband an invasion to his wife. I have constructed a framework for which it was always an invitation. Israel in a sense invited Jesus Christ to earth, to be born into the Virgin Mother's womb. What impeded him was the Roman Empire and Judaism, which would have stoned his mother.

This is what makes us a safe church. Now whenever there is a power imbalance in the church authority, it causes a potential for abuse. This is why the Anglicans have instituted a "Safe Church." When we respect people's invitations there is less potential for a power imbalance. Christ does not invade anyone, and in that he does not abuse anyone. When the voice of Christ is subtle, we usually think we thought of that ourselves. That is how the Holy Spirit works, to be so subtle we didn't notice it.

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